Thursday, July 09, 2020

Heavily armed black protesters march through Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta

Time to hold up a mirror to some of my readers.  Does the above piss you off? Upset you?  Make you wonder why Law Enforcement didn't rush to arrest everyone involved?

If you do then you should have had a problem with the armed protests in Minnesota...I'm bringing this up cause I've seen all kinds of posts that were going batshit crazy over the above but cheered the below.

The 2nd Amendment is for all or its for none.

If you think that both groups have a right to protest with firearms then fair enough.

If you think that both groups were idiots to parade around in public with firearms then I'm with you.

But I'll add this.

Both groups need to chill the fuck out.  I predict (quite easily) that a horrible accident will occur with this nonsense and whoever is involved (from whatever group) will be crying like a bitch once they set foot in the land of the barbarians (jail).

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