Thursday, July 09, 2020

The USMC has selected the Kongsberg offering for its MADIS inc 1 SHORAD requirement.

Interesting.  I knew MOOG was in the running but had no idea that EOS was involved.

What concerns is the MEAGER lethality of the system.  Against anything but small UAVs this will NOT PROVIDE A CREDIBLE defense. 

A heavyweight UAV like the Predator could launch missiles outside the engagement zone of this system.

In other words this system solves nothing. My preference?  I'd go European and still be relatively light...

Raytheon/Kongsberg NASAMS

Land Ceptor

Or perhaps the best option for this NEW Marine Corps would be the system the Army tossed away...

Of course it would never fly in the NEW Marine Corps because Berger is hell bent on making the Marine Corps as light as possible...combat effectiveness be damned.

But if by chance he would take a beat.  Reorient.  Change his ways before he sends his boys to hell...he would realize that one vehicle could fill the role of HIMARS, Anti-Ship, Anti-Air, and an ability to break up armored formations when firing Hellfire missiles.

But he won't do that.

He's got a plan and its hey diddle diddle we ain't a gonna have Ground Combat Element no more...

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