Monday, July 06, 2020

Indian Army DRDO WhAP during high altitude test, off road mobility test and floatation test.

If I led Indian Army acquisitions I would look around the world and see what's being produced in the 8x8 market and simply get some great tech transfer agreement and get something now instead of another struggle with development.

Since they're obviously looking at an amphibious requirement that knocks out everyone's favorite (apparently), the Boxer.  If swimming wasn't necessary I wouldn't even bother with that expensive piece of gear and would instead approach the Israelis to see what could happen with the EITAN.

But swim is a requirement so I'd talk to the S. Koreans about the Tigon (?), and ESPECIALLY Patria about their AMV and even Singapore about their 8x8 rig.

I'm not so sure about the USMC's ACV.  Our vehicle might be biased a bit more toward the swim requirement than they're looking for.

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