Monday, July 06, 2020

What's your take on Russia paying a bounty to the Taliban to kill US troops?

I've been watching this story percolate for a few days now and I'm of mixed opinion on it.

Quite honestly I don't know how "excited" I can get by the news.  The Taliban were attacking and trying to kill our troops for the longest time now.  I BELIEVE they would have attacked and tried to kill our troops without or without bounties by the Russians.

I also believe in big boy games.  We played them when the Russians were in Afghanistan and the Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Pakistan and others are playing them now that we're in that country.

I also have extreme difficulty in thinking that CENTCOM, SOCOM, the CIA, DIA and others weren't trying to run all involved to ground...behind the scenes maybe but everyone involved in these bounties I'm sure were probably targeted with quite a few Ninja Hellfires.

Lastly I'm a bit miffed with the National Security Council.  That place is leaking more than a busted pipe on a 100 year old building.

So yeah.  I'm not exactly excited or perturbed by this news. 

I could be wrong.

Tell me why.

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