Saturday, July 18, 2020

The 81st Group Army of the PLA has recently taken delivery of what appears to be a battalion set of Type 99A2 MBTs

I had a sudden epiphany.

The NEW Missile Marine Corps (MMC) will be in the same position as the Japanese Imperial Army & Navy versus the United States Marine Corps during WW2.

We will be holding pieces of land in the Pacific and will be doing our very best to prevent them from making an amphibious assault onto those islands so that they can conduct further setup FARPS for further action against our fleet (in essence doing to us what we're hoping to do to them).

Just like the Japanese in WW2, if the Missile Marine Corps can't keep them from hitting shore then it will be over.  The GCE is almost non-existent (or will be in the near future) so those Chinese Mechanized Army, Marine and Airborne formations will simply roll over our forces.

Even worse?

I can actually see a time when we make the same determination as the Japanese Imperial Forces and allow landings in the hope that defensive positions (along with the vain hope that supporting fires will arrive from over the horizon) will somehow make the survival of those MMC Marines possible.

This scenario is bad enough in the Pacific but if the Chinese take the advise of a former CNO then they'll simply roll back our defenses, attritting us into oblivion then having their way with the feeble remnants of a once powerful ground force. 

I really see that happening in N. Africa against the Chinese, possibly against the Iranians in the Middle East (so many naval choke points in that region that it's a wonder how they think this concept can apply there) and against the Russians the MMC would be food on the table waiting to be devoured.

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