Thursday, July 09, 2020

The Commandant laid out his plan right before our eyes and we missed's all in the commercial "A Nation's Call"


I was watching Rick and Morty at the end of shift and I saw the above commercial and I had an epiphany.

This has been laid out for us since 2018 but we all missed it (guess we got caught up in the visuals and didn't devine the meaning behind it all...but how could we?).

Watch the video carefully and listen to the words.

"It's not about the ships".  Then we see a big deck go away.  Berger is wanting amphibs that are much smaller.

"It's not about the armor".  Then we see LAVs gone with the wind.  Berger has said that he has little confidence that LAVs will be useful on future battlefields.

"It's not about the aircraft".  We see F-35s vanish (literally...not the stealth version of it).  Berger has said that he's planning on cutting the number of F-35s.  He cited pilot shortage but its obviously much different.  Maybe cost.  Maybe he wants robot planes instead.  Maybe it is about pilots.  Maybe all of the above but suddenly the "die in a ditch" program ain't worth dying in a ditch anymore.

Do you get the force of connection?

I've been under the impression that he did a study once he got into the big chair and came up with this stuff.

He didn't.

This is a well laid out plan that at LEAST goes back to Neller and probably as far back as Amos.

We've all been played folks.

For better or worse the USMC has designated itself the anti-China force and the rest of the world is the US Army's responsibility.

You'll see token forces here and there if conflict breaks out in other parts of the world but for the foreseeable future all ground combat resides firmly in the grasp of the Army.

The Marine Corps is willfully going from a medium weight multi-purpose force capable of scaling up and down the spectrum of battle (Berger himself said that we're not that anymore) to a coastal defense force.  The Marine Corps is becoming an Island Defense Corps with 3 Island Defense Divisions.

Pathetic.  This will be the final nail in the failed leadership we've experienced from Marine Corps leadership from the start of the war on terror.  The generation that either lost Vietnam, came right after and said not another Vietnam (gave us 20 years in Afghanistan so they could make what came before look like sunshine), is moving forward on a plan to ensure we lose the next war.

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