Thursday, July 09, 2020

The XVIII Airborne Corps plans to launch a 12-part historical series on Twitter...The Atomic Army

Story here.

This will be a MUST SEE series.  More importantly its a warning for our future.  The US Army (all the services) all geared up for a nuclear war with the USSR. It never came.  What did we see instead?  Wars in the Middle East.  Vietnam. Police actions all over the place.

The USMC is gearing up for a war with China and stripping away its entire Ground Combat Element in a vain effort to develop a way to fight easy.

It doesn't exist.

What do I predict?

That history will repeat.

The USMC will be LEAST READY when the nation most needs it to be ready for the challenge.  We are getting ready for the wrong fight.  China will meet us on a battlefield, but it won't be in the first island chain.  It will be in Africa, the Middle East or perhaps even S. America.

Current planning is a mistake.  A big mistake.

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