Monday, July 06, 2020

The hits keep coming for the UK's Armed Forces (except their Navy & Air Force)...Fury at plans to 'cut British Army by 20,000

Welsh Liberal Democrat leader Jane Dodds said reported plans to “gut” army manpower from 74,000 to 55,000 would “diminish” the UK’s “standing on the world stage” and “jeopardise” Britain’s place in NATO. Ms Dodds accused the Prime Minister of “planning huge cuts in the shadows” after The Sunday Times published a report at the weekend.

Security and defence bosses are said to be considering scrapping RAF air bases and a fleet of Hercules planes and Puma helicopters in a bid to save cash, according to the article.

Ms Dodds said: “If these reports are true, then the Conservatives have a lot to answer for.

“Just 8 months ago they were promising to protect our armed forces, now they are planning to gut them.

I have plenty of Brit readers so they can fill you in on the details of this story...I'm just touching on the response to the news from what we would call "liberals" in the US.

I'd also chest thump a bit and talk shit...except I strongly suspect we're one, maybe two years max from massive cuts hitting our own forces (but we do tend to use our military in some ways as a social program so by the grace of God we MIGHT be able to dodge some of it).

Regardless this is bad news and the British Army is gonna be eviscerated.  Unfortunately they've suffered the same indecisiveness in weapons procurement that our forces have (or worse just made terrible decisions) so procurement of weapon systems that should have been completed long ago might suffer the craziness of being only partially completed.

The manpower cuts are disgusting, infuriating and dangerous.

The British Army will be a non-factor.  At best they'll be able to provide a full strength Brigade to any action.

In essence they'll be a support force, not an actual warfighting organization.

We are seeing a once mighty nation and Army being rendered irrelevant.  The Royal Marines will be only capable of raids...and light ones at that.  The UK's armed forces are officially retreating from the world stage.

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