Thursday, August 20, 2020

25th ID Jungle Operations Training Course

The US Army is coming for the Missile Marine's milkshake.  They WILL conduct operations worldwide AND WILL NOT focus only on China.

In history we've seen US generals attempt to plan for the next war.  Every time they've been wrong.  After WW2 it was thought we'd be involved in a nuclear war.  Korea came calling.  After Korea the thinking was that we'd see a fight in the Fulda Gap.  Instead Vietnam came calling.  In between all that we saw various crises all over the globe.

Now we have Missile Marine Corps leadership predicting that a major fight will happen in the first island chain.

I think they're wrong.  Dead wrong (it'll be in Africa but no one is listening!).

The fight will be elsewhere and the Missile Marine WILL NOT BE EQUIPPED to fight it!  Worse?  Even if the fight does come to the Pacific the Missile Marines will be SUPPORT for the Army/Navy warfighters (on sea and/or land).

Berger is building a one trick pony that might never get rode.  If it does it will still fail.

Meanwhile the Army is coming.  We're seeing the 25th ID focused on the Pacific but what happens when the Koreans finally accept responsibility for their own defense and the 2nd ID can deploy theater wide?

WHEN the US Army decides to task orient their divisions to specific theaters and start piling more anti-ship/anti-air/UAVs/helos in this arena then what will the nation need the Marine Corps for with its planned organizational concept?  It won't be a general purpose.  It will be sole purposed and only designed for one foe...and even probably fail at that.

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