Monday, August 03, 2020

As expected the US Army WILL fight in every clime and place...examining options to base NEW weapons in the Indo-Pacific region.

via National Interest.
The Army continues to analyze options for basing new long-range precision weapons in the Indo-Pacific region, to be used by one of its new multi-domain task forces, the service's top officer said July 31.

The Indo-Pacfic continues to grow in strategic importance for Pentagon planners as great power competitor China modernizes its military and takes a more aggressive posture toward its neighbors and deployed U.S. forces.

The Army's multi-domain operating concept envisions the service employing advanced capabilities — such as hypersonics, anti-ship missiles, anti-aircraft systems and cyber weapons — to aid the other services in countering near-peer adversaries. The multi-domain task force pilot program was assigned under the Army’s Pacific Command in 2017. The Army is using information from the program to establish additional task forces.

“We're standing up a new organization, it’s called multi-domain task forces that provide the ability to do long-range precision effects," said Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville.
Long-range precision fires is the No. 1 modernization priority for the Army. The capabilities will boost deterrence in the region, McConville said.

Told ya so.  The US Army is coming to drink the Missile Marines milkshake and won't buy into the "one fight only" paradigm that Berger is foisting on the Missile Marine Corps.

They will fight in every clime and place and thankfully they won't repeat the mistakes of the past by trying to predict where the next fight will be.  They'll be ready to fight across the globe and against any opponent.

They will become the new tip of the spear because they won't be a one trick pony, confining themselves artificially to one region.

I suspected it was coming and can't help but applaud them

The Army is new hotness in the DoD.  Everyone else is simply flailing trying to find their footing and reason for being.

It must be nice to be a Soldier tonight.  Their leadership is competent, brings order to chaos and are unswayed by pundits that shift positions every few years.

In other words the US Army seems to be the only service that has its shit together.

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