Saturday, August 22, 2020

Czech Army is the launch customer for the Lynx KF41...and they're apparently building a family of vehicles...

Note.  This is late but apparently the Czech Army is building a family of vehicles based on the KF41 Lynx.  Awesome.  Curious about operating cost of this beast though.  The Czech's will have a capable medium weight force that can flex up and down the spectrum, provide superb armored protection, substantial firepower and a credible defense against everyone but the most powerful of nations.  Well done.  Below are pics of the various variants.

Sidenote.  Has anyone noticed that masts or mast-lites are making a comeback with recce vehicles?  I have and I think I know why.  Those small UAVs that everyone has flocked too are expendable, fragile etc...Additionally everyone and their mother is developing countermeasures to them.  I believe their time in the sun has come and gone.  A more robust system that can survive more than one or two encounters is needed.  In comes mast systems. It allows a see first shoot first capability that will survive much longer than those small uavs.  You pay the price in reduced range but its obviously been deemed acceptable.  That's my theory at least.

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