Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The Missile Marines are all about building an A2/AD network....and that'll work worldwide in battles against other forces?

It just hit me.

The Missile Marine Corps is designing itself to be a Coastal Defense Force.  I disagree with the very idea of it but so be it.  What has me spinning is Berger's contention that this type formation will have applications in other areas of the world.

That somehow the Missile Marine Corps will STILL BE ABLE to scale up and down the spectrum of battle.  That the Missile Marine Corps will stand up to hybrid terrorist forces that we've seen armed with MBTs, APCs, IFVs, Technicals and advanced missiles themselves.

That somehow the Missile Marine Corps will STILL BE ABLE to hold the northern flank in case a mythical Russian push occurs.

That it will be able to fight in Africa (even though our allies like France are sending full on mechanized/motorized infantry to that fight...and still not seeing the effects on the battlefield I imagine they want).

It's silly.

It's insane.

It's ruination.

The US Army is the Premier Force in Readiness for the US now.  The Missile Marines will be on the sidelines of every fight until we see real reform (I can see the unit history of the 1st Mar Div in the fight against China...the Marines fired 100 missiles and sunk 5 ships, end of story).  A return to basics, an evolution of the force instead of this jacked up transformation these radicals at HQMC are seeking...and finally new vigorous leadership to see it happen.

We so need a General Gray, Conway, or Krulak now!

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