Wednesday, August 12, 2020

The US Army has "deep strike" brigades? B/2-20FA (Deep Strike) 75th Fires Brigade

The Missile Marines are reinventing the wheel.  The US Army already has the organizations to conduct deep land and anti-ship strikes (from land).  All they have to do is add the missiles and "away they go!"

What is my answer to the Missile Marines?

Naval traditions/attitudes is a frame of mind, not a function of gear.  But what we're giving up in order to "gain" this capability far outweighs what we will gain.

The tragedy in Beirut?  That's an MEU mission and you don't see one sailing to the sound of that chaos to render aid.  Showing the flag off the coast of Africa? That's a Marine Corps mission but we're nowhere to be found.  Mechanized Amphibious Assaults/Raids?  That's a Marine Corps mission that the Missile Marines won't be able to do.  The list goes on. 

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