Saturday, September 26, 2020

A force that is good for only one fight is a force that can be discarded...


Specialization is for insects...or the United States Missile Marine Corps!

We need a reformer.  We need a leader that can put the Marine Corps back on track without any other interest except leading the nation's fiercest fighters. We need a new Commandant cause Berger is just as big a disappointment as Amos...only more consequential.  At least Amos didn't kill tanks directly (his lust for the F-35 started this drama maybe he's the other bastard in this drama!).

Back on task.

If the Missile Marines continue on this plan to specialize for a fight against China in the Pacific then it will be discarded when it becomes apparent that the fight isn't gonna happen there, but instead in Africa.

This Transformation that Berger is pushing is instead the death knell for the Marine Corps...even the missile marines.

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