Friday, September 18, 2020

AFSOC looking for a "jet" tilt rotor as a replacement for the V-22..


But even if the Army does select the tiltrotor V-280, AFSOC Commander Lt. Gen. James Slife said the Valor is not advanced enough to replace the CV-22, the Air Force special operations variant of the V-22 tiltrotor transport aircraft.

"I don't see the V-280 as the replacement for the V-22," Slife told reporters at the Association of the Air Force's Air & Space Symposium.

"When the time comes for a follow-on to the V-22, I think we are looking ... for a generation beyond kind of tiltrotor technology," said Slife, who added later that AFSOC is looking for an aircraft that will provide speeds closer to "jet-like" performance. "We are not just looking at marginal improvement in speed and range and reliability. We are looking at a generational movement for vertical takeoff and landing capability going into the future."


Interesting.  Jet like speeds?  Even with a tilt rotor I don't think you're getting that.  Could AFSOC be looking for a tilt jet plane in the future?  Now that would be something!

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