Friday, September 18, 2020

‘Marines make excellent soldiers’...our boys are in good hands after getting the big green

 via Stars & Stripes

The Marines, dressed in that service’s digital camouflage, gathered Sunday at Gowen Field airport in Boise, Idaho, where they raised their right hands and became Idaho Army National Guardsmen, an online photo and caption showed.

All 39 of those transferring were reservists who’d served in Company C, 4th Tank Battalion, which disbanded a month earlier, the Idaho Army National Guard said in a statement. Ten more from the company joined other states’ National Guard units, it said. A tank company typically has about 80 Marines.

“We tried to match their Marine skill sets to an Army military occupational specialty as much as possible,” said Brig. Gen. Farin Schwartz, commander of the Idaho Army National Guard. “We’ll continue to pay them special attention for the foreseeable future to ensure their transition is as smooth as possible.”


Unwanted by the Missile Marine Corps, these US Marines will still continue to serve their country but under the banner of the US Army National Guard.

Good on them for continuing their service.

Good on National Guard leadership for "looking after them".  That's leadership.

A bad story with a good ending.  This is the best that we could hope for, for these former US Marines.

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