Thursday, September 24, 2020

Berger all but admits that the Missile Marine Corps is about one enemy, in one region of the world...

 via Marine Times

“We, all of us, love the things we are getting rid of," Berger said during his Wednesday morning the keynote speech at the virtual Modern Day Marine expo held from Quantico, Virginia. “We have to make hard decisions about what we must retain."

The Marine Corps is cutting or reducing these programs to free up money in the budget to reinvest in what is needed in the future fight against China, Berger said.

He's right but it won't be in the Pacific.  It'll be in Africa.  More from the same article.

The plan would require Marines to “live” and operate well within range of China’s missile defense system, playing a sea denial and skirmish role against the Chinese military as the rest of the U.S. joint force moves in to win the war.

In order to survive against the Chinese missile threat the Corps will have to change its logistics network and work to reduce its signature in order to hide from the enemy, Berger said Wednesday.

Why does he not think (or wargame) China enhancing its sensor network to be able to locate these units?  Once located they're meat on the table.  I just don't get his thinking.  Additionally can anyone explain how we went from an A2/AD penetrating their bubble to operating inside it type thinking?  Whiplash anyone? Semper Gumby is one thing but the twists and turns from the Pentagon on the "latest and greatest" strategy (really buzzwords) is beyond tiring.  A bit more.

 The new technology will likely come out at a large cost, but the Marine Corps does not plan on asking Congress for money to pay for it, Berger said.

Instead the money saved from cutting 2,000 Marines in 2021, no longer supporting tank battalions and reducing the size of F-35B and F-35C squadrons from 16 to 10 planes will be used to buy the equipment necessary to fight the war, Berger envisions.

“We’re not asking for a nickel more the Marine Corps is not asking for any end strength increase any money increase," Berger said.

I've been using the old 150K number as the projected future end strength of the Missile Marines because Amos slipped and let that cat out the bag awhile ago. I'm revising my thinking.  If this holds and Berger doesn't ask for an additional cent AND the budget doesn't increase then I'm guessing it'll actually be around 100K.  If Berger puts into practice the whiff that I'm getting that he's focused only on China then it might be a bit smaller than even that.

The US Marines, Missile Marines, any Marines can't survive this kind of strategy.

If this plan is allowed to go forward then the Marines (in whatever form) are done.

Berger needs an intervention.

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