Thursday, September 24, 2020

Wow. Got new info so I changed my mind. These police shootings ARE justified.

I might have to take this  down because although the info I'm passing isn't classified, it does go against some common memes and thoughts.  Thoughts that I even once held.  '

Let's start with the one that kicked off all this madness.  The Floyd Incident.  A few things that you need to know.  In that dept a knee restraint is allowed.  So no matter how bad it looks its allowed in that dept use of force.  The LEOs called for an ambulance twice.  The second time was to tell them to step it up (get there quicker!).  Floyd DID have a mix of drugs in his system.  Finally he DID resist getting placed into the squad car.

That is straight from a brief  I had.

The next concerns the Taylor Shooting.  It too was legit.  Taylor's boyfriend was a wanted drug dealer, they had a no knock warrant for his arrest.  The kicker?  They did announce as police before entry and they had a right to defend themselves when HE started shooting at them. 

I'm not saying this.  This is from a brief we had on the incident.

We're all getting played.  Police are being overly cautious by waiting till all facts comeout so that they can properly give the whole story while a narrative is being allowed to, form in the general public and its obvious that someone in the media feels like the narrative being pushed is of benefit even when they know the facts.

Communicate people.

That is the key to getting shit done the right way.

Our communities need to start talking to and not at each other.  That's the only way to get this back on track.

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