Wednesday, September 30, 2020

French wheeled vehicles in N. Africa...

Note.  I posted this pic yesterday but need you guys to really focus in on this. Look at what we're seeing here.  The VBMR Griffon, the AMX-10 and another vehicle that I can't make out.  This is a powerful, mobile, and lethal force that is both tactically and strategically mobile and has utility across the spectrum of battle.

The Commandant took too big a risk in his new strategy.  It's an all or nothing bet that war will be in the Pacific against the Chinese.   If that war doesn't come (or more likely comes in a different place on the planet) then the Marines will be sitting it out (except for MAYBE the wing providing air support...assuming anyone wants even that).

His mistake was to make an all or nothing bet.  He should have added capability to the force instead of over specializing it. Marines will pay for that mistake...hopefully in the budget and not in filled body bags.

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