Sunday, September 13, 2020

Los Angeles Sheriff's Deputies gunned down while sitting in their cruiser.

NOTE!  I don't know what's going on with embedding Tweets but go here to see it on Twitter.

Fucking disgusting.  If there wasn't an escort and Deputies making people taste concrete then something is wrong.


Something is already wrong for that to have even been necessary.

Side note.  WHAT THE FUCK!  That looked like a damn child (or maybe midget)...This shit is out of control.  It is out of control and the community will end up paying a heavy price for this shit!!!

Side note 1.  This happened 17hrs ago?  Why wasn't this shit front page news?  What is going on in America!!!!

Side note 2.  Wasn't there but I'm guessing they were going over paperwork and had head down getting it done.  After this?  They're gonna go somewhere they know they won't get hit to get it done.  What does that mean?  Response time will go down.  Known danger areas are gonna require at least two=two man units.  The most vulnerable parts of the city (which is probably all of Los Angeles) will suffer.  They kept these men from getting medical aid?  Life without law enforcement will be a life of misery for this community.  They just don't know what they've done.

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