Sunday, September 20, 2020

I admit this is a distasteful question but....

 I'm gonna piss alot of you off but I've got to ask a distasteful question.

How long was Ginsberg "out of it" and should have been declared incompetent to continue as a supreme court justice before her death?

Ya know who knows without a doubt? Her fellow supreme court justices, her clerks and the powers that be in Washington DC.

You do know the inevitable reality of this situation don't you?

Only those deemed with the need to know actually knew about her suffering and eventual death.  What I'm trying to say is that the nation could have been prepared for her passing and a more rational solution to her replacement begun but those "in the know" decided to do it on the sly.  It's almost like both sides of the "SO CALLED POLITICAL SPECTRUM" wanted this fight.

Hate to hit you with the reality tribe.

But those in power view us as peasants.  We think we live in a democracy?  That's a lie.  A democratic country would keep the nation informed.  We weren't. My God we're fucked beyond recognition and most don't even know it.

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