Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Marine Corps Leadership is thinking of a "Guadalcanal 2" in the fight with China????

 via Seapower Magazine.

Japan in 1941 was a near-peer adversary of the United States, with advanced technology, expansionist policies and a bullying attitude toward neighboring countries, says Major Gen. Gregg Olson, director of the Marine Corps Staff.  While the foes and times have changed “the concepts and realities of war in the vast distances that occur in the Pacific remain the same,” he added.

Like the Marines who landed on Guadalcanal in August 1942, today’s Marines will face the same sweeping distances, vulnerable supply lines, contested air, sea – and now cyber – space limitations, across a battlespace of scattered, remote islands of steaming jungle or barren volcanic rock. “That’s the framework for the next conflict,” Olson told the virtual Modern Day Marine Exposition Sept. 23.

Victory on Guadalcanal and the rest of the Pacific came “at the cost of capital ships and thousands of lives,” Olson noted. Another speaker at the conference, Major Gen. Paul Rock, director of Marine Corps  Strategies and Plans, said high casualties could be likely again. “Attrition is going to be a factor in a future fight,” Rock said.



Maybe stuff has changed but the Marine Corps history I read said "never again" when it came to the fight on Guadalcanal!  Now they're actually pointing to it and saying...yeah our next fight is gonna be like that?  ARE YOU SHITTING ME!

Kinda puts into light those small amphibious ships and those small logistics ships don't it.

They're building a force they can lose.

Now I get the talking point that has been annoying the fuck outta me.  The Missile Marines will be the "eyes and ears" of the joint force?

They're gonna be the bait that gets shot at so the Navy and Air Force (probably the Army too but at least they live in the mud too) can hit ships!

I've never thought of Marines as being sacrificial lambs to the God Of War but I guess I was being naive.  Obviously Marine Corps generals think that way.

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