Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Marines with 3rd Recon load a UTV onto a CH-53 Super Stallion

Let me hit you with a crazy fact. Soon the 82nd Airborne will be heavier than the USMC! Think about it. They'll have JLTVs, Squad Mobility Vehicles, an Airborne Light Tank. Meanwhile, if my prediction is correct and Berger kills the ACV to pay for his "transformation", then the heaviest ground combat vehicle in USMC service will be the JLTV. Not only will the 82nd have a more powerful ground combat element but it'll also be tactically more mobile. 

 With the exception of F-35s (which will almost certainly be seconded to the sea fight and NOT close air support) the 82nd will also have a comparable and some would argue more capable air wing. How far the Missile Marines have fallen!

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