Wednesday, October 21, 2020

America you have no idea what poor, mistreated and exploited really is...

Yeah.  This is what poor, mistreated and exploited looks like.  Kinda makes you take a second look at that smartphone and other tech devices you have don't it (America's poor are rich beyond belief to many parts of the world...some of those places are in our own hemisphere...oh and don't get started about that being a reason to support illegal immigration...that's another type of exploitation just with a happy face put on it).

This ladies and gentlemen is why I predict the next major battle will take place in Africa and not the Pacific.

Make no mistake.

China will be there...or more likely, initially supporting a proxy force against us, but the big fight will be in Africa and it will be over resources.

The weird thing is that we've talked about how the stars are lining up for all this but the Pentagon doesn't seem to be able to put it together.

You have Northern African nations already fighting over water.

You have Islamic radicals already terrorizing populations.

Lastly you have nations all over the globe tightening the reigns on the export of their precious minerals.

The sad thing for those little boys (don't want to even imagine what is happening to their little sisters) is that they'll probably graduate from being exploited in cobalt mines to being exploited on future battlefields. 

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