Thursday, October 22, 2020

Ford Bronco new vs old style...


This pic says it all to me when it comes to the new Ford Bronco.  I have the same model that you see in the background and can tell you its setup looks to be a clone to my own.  4in lift sitting on 33's.  Pretty basic for the model.  The new style wilderness firefighting model Bronco looks awesome but I think Ford messed up when they went with the Gen 1 look instead of using the baseline Ford F-150 to give us a Gen 3.

Yeah that's it.

They're giving us a dressed up prequel instead of moving the story forward!

That's why the new Bronco seems like a miss to me.  We've seen this before from Chrysler with some of their cars and how they were going with retro styling for awhile!

But what about Jeep you say?

They've done the "keep the classic" from inception and just do design tweaks. A jeep is a jeep is a jeep since at least 1980 and you really have to be a jeep guy to make out the differences.

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