Sunday, October 11, 2020

Back running after the hurricane..


That's my beast you see above.  Ole girl did me right during the storm.  That's a 4 in lift believe it or not and I'm riding on 33's.  Seriously considering upgrading to a 6in on 35s.

I drove thru water that was to the top of the fender well and she did awesome (I got a bit more than a little nervous!).

We lucked out.  This storm was a rain maker and to my knowledge no one died although we had a SHITLOAD of high water rescues going on.  Hat tip to the National Guard bubbas and Firefighters.

Anyway I'm good.

I put up a little stuff this morning, maybe some more this after but will be back it full force Mon.

Thanks for the well wishes and the prayers up. 

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