Sunday, October 11, 2020

The 82nd Airborne will soon have more ground combat power than the Missile Marines. Soak that in...Airborne troops will outgun Marines on the ground.

The 82nd Airborne.

They travel by air, jump from planes, have mobile shock action, operate in Little Groups Of Paratroops (LGOPs...I guess you could say the original dispersed force operating in the enemies engagement zone), they have attack helicopters and dedicated air support by the USAF in the form of A-10 attack aircraft.

They can get there faster than us, have more ground combat power now and operate across the combat spectrum.

What's the point?

The Army is about to get balls deep into the Pacific.  They will do what the Marine Corps is planning and do it on a bigger scale.

This concept is doing nothing.

Not one damn thing.

The Army and Marine Corps will always overlap in mission sets because the fight always eventually goes ashore.  That does not make the Marines a second land army.

The fighting spirit of Marines is what distinguished them from the Army.

Some have forgotten that.

So what is Berger accomplishing?  He's tossing away the most flexible, medium weight combined arms team the world has ever known.  No other force on the planet could replicate what the Marine Corps did.  No one else had so effectively wedded Air-Ground Task Forces like the Marines have.


Now its soon to be no longer because the guy at the top is chasing ghosts.

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