Saturday, October 03, 2020

If Berger doesn't nail this bastard's dick to the wall then Marine Corps discipline is a joke.

 Thanks to Dave for the link!

via Stars and Stripes.

The two-star general in charge of U.S. Marines in Europe and Africa is under investigation for allegations that he used a racial slur during a recent training event with his troops, the Corps said Friday.

“We are aware of the allegations,” said Capt. Joseph Butterfield, a Marine Corps spokesman. “The Marine Corps takes all allegations of misconduct seriously, regardless of rank, and appropriate actions will be taken if the allegations are substantiated.”

The Marine Corps confirmation came in response to questions from Stars and Stripes about whether Maj. Gen. Stephen Neary, who commands Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa, used a derogatory term for Blacks in the presence of other Marines.

“When allegations are made against a Marine, each Marine is afforded due process,” Butterfield said. “There is no additional information available at this time pending the conclusion of the investigation.”


If Berger just lets this motherfucker slink out of the Marine Corps with a resignation and retirement then he's exactly what I thought he was.  This son of a bitch needs his dick nailed to the wall then he needs to be paraded around as an example to other Marines that if you fuck up, regardless of rank, you'll be dealt with.

You want good order and discipline?

Then you got to be fair about it.  If a private fucks up he gets the big green.  Same should apply to a general.

Marines are watching Berger.  Let's see what you do cowboy!

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