Friday, October 09, 2020

Light blogging...gotta work another hurricane...


Gotta love it.

Little to no blogging for a bit. Yeah, you guessed it. Another fucking hurricane. This year definitely is sucking. I can't even begin to tell ya about the drama with this stuff. The Dept sent people down to work the last one and now we're gearing up for this one in our own backyard. 

We definitely are living in interesting times.

The crazy thing for me is that I thought I was far enough North to avoid the worst of it but projected wind gusts are up to 110mph and we're expecting 10-15 inches of rain. Thank God for a 4x4 Ford Bronco with a 351 Windsor (don't get it twisted, its a 95) with a 4 inch lift on 33's!

Anyway send prayers up for the community. We got people in the area that live in what we call "shotgun" houses and trailers and I'm actually a bit concerned for many of them.

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