Wednesday, November 25, 2020

AAVs in the Arctic

 Note.  Berger made the classic mistake MOST transformationalist make.  He badly overreached.  Imagine if he had simply sought to push his concept in just one targeted Marine Corps Division.  He left the other two for actions as needed and made one specialized for combat in the Pacific.  What if he had simply moved tanks to the Reserves as many have recommended.  But he didn't.  He had to make sweeping changes with the rational hidden behind scripted/secret simulated combat games without comment from those affected and alas with no by-in from those he leads.  Now he's faced with a faltering concept that has little support outside of those that walk the hallways of Quantico, a Congress that appears (from the outside) to be a bit skeptical and a budget that will not support the transformation he desires.  He's committed the biggest sin a Commandant can commit but one that his two predecessors share in doing.  He's leaving the Marine Corps in a worse state than when he found it. But back on task. AAV/ACV without tanks or a mobile gun system make no sense. I stand by my previous.  LAR/AAV/ACV is the walking dead.  Their colors are probably already cased at HQMC.

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