Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Is it too early to make predictions about the near future? Nah! Let's go for it!

 I was just watching the news and drinking in coverage of the incoming Biden administration and I had a couple of thoughts about the near future.  I could be wrong.  It could be way too early to do this but what the fuck...let's give it a whirl. 

Post your thoughts in the comments and we'll bat this around.  Here's my list...

1.  Biden will get covid before the end of the 2021.  It will knock him back but not kill him.  His mental capacity will further diminish due to the disease and we'll be in a constitutional crisis about the mental health of our president.

2. Some entity (not China) will challenge the US.  I expect the Iranians to behave because we'll be back in the agreement but my guess is that a terror group (more than likely the Houthis or some other element in N. Africa) will take a serious swing at us.

3.  Illegal immigration will swell to crisis proportions.  It will be so bad that even the Biden administration will have to act to stop border/airport jumpers.

4.  The defense budget will be ravaged.  The Dem house will demand cuts.  The Senate will offer token cuts in an effort to keep them at bay but at the end of the day we'll probably see a real cut of at least 10% before its all over.

5.  Biden will die in office before the end of his term (within two years) and Harris will take over.

6.  Gas prices will rise astronomically in the US.  Gas taxes will rise to make the green new deal a reality.

7.  Personal income taxes will rise.  New social spending will drain the middle class and cause a hardening of the anti Progressive stance of those in the rural community.  The Dems will see support erode in the suburbs.

8. This covid crisis and the response by the govt (lockdowns) will lead to a GREAT recession (probably a depression in everything but name...the stock market hitting 30K is simply the smart money getting ready to bail).  Businesses will close and they won't come back.  This era will be seen as the murder of the small business community.

9.  Executive orders will flow so hard and heavy across such a variety of issues that you will see an effort to curtail their use.

10. They're gonna make an effort to tax guns, ban high capacity mags etc...

That's my list.  What do you think?

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