Friday, November 13, 2020

Coronavirus cases are spiking and they're starting to close the economy again...if they do it nationwide could it lead to a depression?

 Monitoring the news this afternoon and supposedly covid cases are spiking again. We're starting to see the usual states starting to impose restrictions.  The difference this time?  Business is pushing back.  The hospitality industry is claiming that if they impose restrictions this fall that you'll see widespread closures of business without them returning.

From what I can see, medical officials are back to wailing about how they're being slammed and can't handle all the patients they're getting.  The few that I've seen are almost demanding that we have a nationwide shut down for as many as six weeks (if I recall correctly).

I'm stunned.

Oh and I forgot to add.  People are already making runs on the stores and stocking up on what they think are necessary supplies.

My worry?

Society is being trained.

No.  That's wrong.  I think a large portion of our population is being conditioned. Not only to stay at home but to also believe that the govt has deep pockets that can provide.  Apparently people have forgotten economics 101 and don't understand that the velocity of money is about to crash hard this time.

Could we be looking at the seeds of the next depression?

I think we might.  But add the trauma of a depression with societal chaos (caused by the mental stress that the public will feel from essentially being placed on a nationwide house arrest) and I think we're gonna see the summer of 2020 repeated in 2021 only on steroids.

Convince me I'm wrong on this guys.  If I'm right then the ground we're about to travel over is gonna be bumpy as hell.

This time next year we could wish for the relative easy days of 2020.

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