Friday, November 13, 2020

Some believe that Trump is clearing the DoD so that he can bring home the troops by Jan.

 Have you seen the latest news about the Pentagon?

Supposedly Trump is conducting a purge of the leadership so that he can bring home the troops by Jan.  A quick pullout of Afghanistan and Syria is in the cards according to some.

What has me spinning is what's left unsaid.

Trump has said to bring home the troops and its obvious that someone has slow walked that order.

That is so deep state-ish that its crazy!

You want a real controversy?

That's it!

If this little theory is true then that means that civilian control over the military is actually a lie.  It doesn't matter if the rationale for slow walking the thing is in the best interests of the nation (according to whoever), its still in defiance of orders.

Even if he didn't spell it out clearly there is still commander's intent.  Every General falls back on it when it suits there needs so it only makes sense that it should apply to their boss too.

Let's make this a two parter.

1.  Do you think the goal is to get troops home soon?

2.  Do you believe that the drawdown has been slow walked?

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