Sunday, November 15, 2020

Is the govt's response to this mild virus setting us up to get clobbered by a bigger, deadlier one?

I don't agree with many things this guy has to say.  This video got my attention though.

The basics?

Because of the govt's response to this mild virus, the American people will basically ignore them when inevitably a more deadly one comes along.

I agree with that.

The bigger problem is that it won't just be here in the US but worldwide.  By chance or planning we're going to see an equivalent to the Spanish Flu and this one ain't it.

The next one will be real.  It will be deadly.  It will probably put a large part of the human population in the grave.


Because policy makers went overboard on the little one, setting the big one up to gobble us all.  But its more than govt.  Scientist, medical personnel, activists, journalists and our fellow citizens will all be to blame when people ignore them crying wolf for a third time.

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