Thursday, November 19, 2020

Is the small print in the British defense spending boost the fact that they're halving the buy of F-35's????

I'm gonna have to read this reporting on the British Defense spending boost.  First we have the news about the F-35 buy getting cut in half, next we have talk about the British Army going down to about 70K boatspaces....

The small print might be important in this thing.

Side note.  Everyone is talking about lasers, AI, space forces and robotics on the battlefield. Are they chasing ghosts or is this technology really ready for primetime? If it ain't then we're gonna create hollow forces from hell all over the western world.  Ya know what gives me pause on this whole thing? Do you remember when the Marine Corps was all about cyber on the battlefield? Before that the talk was about fighting in mega cities.  Now they're on this.  Is it real or memorex?

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