Thursday, November 12, 2020

Two Contenders Enter...Centauro II vs Type 16 MCV. Which one wins?

 This is a little off the beaten trail but I thought it might be a fun exercise.  Two contenders enter.  In one corner we have the Japanese Type 16 MCV and in the other we have the Italian Centauro II.

First up the Japanese Type 16....

What are the specs?  Let me line it out to you.  26 tons.  105mm cannon.  Top speed 100kmph or 62 mph.

The competitor is the Centauro II.  A big favorite around here.  It's specs?  120mm cannon...the equal to most main battle tanks.  30 tons.  105kmph. 

This thing is shits and giggles.  There are so many factors to consider when it comes to making vehicle comparisons that its really a painful exercise at best to determine this kinda thing.

What I'd like (if you fellas don't mind) is your pick and then an example of how you think the vehicle should be employed to get best use out of it.

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