Sunday, December 06, 2020

4 strains of covid found in Baltimore Ravens many strains of this disease are there?


via ESPN

 The Baltimore Ravens on Saturday said they were informed by the NFL that "at least four unique strains" of COVID-19 were found inside their facility during the team's outbreak.

"Three of the four were stopped and not spread within our organization," Ravens president Dick Cass said in a statement. "Unfortunately, the fourth was a highly-contagious strain and spread throughout our organization.


Do you remember when this thing first started?  Correction.  When it was body slamming Italy?

If I recall correctly and I'm almost positive on this, then they identified TWO distinct strains of this thing.  One mild.  The other deadly.


Now there are four?

The media is slamming us with "news" about this thing but important stuff like the number of strains or the "science" behind this thing hasn't been talked about.

I've suspected that there is an untold reason behind the draconian actions of the govt that hasn't been told to the public.

Could this be it?

Is this virus mutating like things we've never seen before and that's the fear? Could that also be why we're seeing an uptick in deaths/hospitalizations in certain areas?

I don't know.  They're not telling and people in the news media don't appear to be asking.

We're in the Russian's fabled land of mirrors.  We don't know up from down, the truth from lies.

Sadly, this is the type of info that would make a well informed population that could climb onboard govt recommendations (along with a HUGE dose of do as I do and watch me follow my own guidelines type thing too!).

New prediction.

The vaccines won't work.  This thing will last till 2022 and our economy will get trashed by this.  Big world wide recession?  Kinda betting on it.  Some are talking about a global reset.  I'm not there yet but its looking kinda spot on.

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