Sunday, December 06, 2020

The future of Chinese armored forces...



More recently, there have been indications that a goal in the 14th Five Year Plan (2021–2025) will be to accelerate military modernisation so that the PLA will be fully mechanised and informationised by 2027—the 100th anniversary of its founding. Chinese military expert Dean Cheng argues that that will require a major reduction in forces, a major budget increase or a redefining of what constitutes ‘informationised’ units.


My prediction?

The Chinese are expansionist while the US is sliding into a defensive role. The Chinese will continue to build up their assault forces across all domains (air, land and sea...Airborne Assault, Air Assault, Amphibious Assault & Direct Land Assault) while incorporating increased firepower across their battleforce.

They will be capable of "rolling back" the defensive line that the US is attempting to create (assuming that the General's are correct in the thought that the battle will take place in the Pacific) and due to the heavy footprint, weak diplomatic effort to gain allies in that contested space (what small country is gonna take sides in a war between giants) and pre-planned (essentially pre-planned because of our limited basing rights when a shooting war becomes obvious) basing, they will have all of our positions identified, indexed and will destroy grid squares with long range fires before landing their forces by air and/or sea to seize ground.

They will in essence use our island hopping campaign from WW2 against us while we play the part of the Imperial Japanese Army/Marines in defending ground bravely but achieving nothing but horrific losses.

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