Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Australian Army 2 Squadron SASR is disbanded...


Full disclosure.  A reader from down under put me onto this story at LEAST a month ago.

I didn't go with it cause quite honestly I didn't like the news.  I hated the idea that these bubbas were under investigation, and I hated the idea that they were getting slammed for war crimes in Afghanistan.

It amazes me that society sends guys to go do the hard thing and then believes that mistakes won't be made.  

You heal the people you send to these god forsaken places to do things that 99 percent of the population never could.  You don't prosecute them. 

You don't disband the units either.

The West is getting so soft that I wonder if our failure isn't being engineered.

In my opinion this is bad news.  I look forward to my Aussie friends correcting me if I'm wrong.

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