Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Has a terror cell activated in the US? Thousands of Colorado residents without heat after attack on gas service

 via ABC

The FBI has joined a criminal investigation of what police said appears to be an "intentional attack" on gas service lines in Aspen, Colorado, that left thousands of residents and businesses without heat as temperatures in the skiing mecca plunged to near zero degrees.

Work crews are scrambling to restore gas service, and local authorities handed out electric space heaters to residents still without heat Tuesday, as a storm is forecast to bring up to 8 inches of snow in the Rocky Mountains region this week. Temperatures are forecast to fall to 2 degrees in Aspen on Tuesday night, according to the National Weather Service.

Aspen police said the apparently coordinated acts of vandalism occurred Saturday night at three separate Black Hills Energy gas line sites, one in Aspen and two elsewhere in Pitkin County.


Ya know what went unsaid when I talked about the bombing in Nashville?  It disrupted communications in several states.

Now we have this.

The weak underbelly of the US is our power/communications infrastructure.  Hit a few critically important hubs and you can black out the east coast, shell shock the west and have the midwest/south in a pain locker.

The Pentagon is talking about "reworking" our military to meet peer power competition but you can't bet they're taking notes.

A few energetic spies/saboteurs could wreck us before the first shot was fired.

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