Friday, December 11, 2020

MQ25 is looking good. If the Navy was smart they'd make the America Class LHAs unmanned combat aircraft carriers @ leave Marine Air on the pier!

Want a quick way to boost numbers in the Pacific and make the Chinese think twice?

Make the America Class LHAs into unmanned combat aircraft carriers.  Even if the entire complement was made up of refuelers/attack/ISR variants (no fighters...we're not there yet...I THINK!), it would be a combat multiplier.  We could get our big decks back up to 100 plus Super Hornets and additional UCAVs, I have no idea how many UCAVs you could actually fit on the America Class and you'd have a POTENT strike force.

If the Navy was smart and was really about winning the war at sea then they'd leave Marine Air on the pier and follow this little bit of advice! 

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