Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Politics Talk. Why is anyone even entertaining the talk of Trump suspending the constitution and continuing to serve. Of course he'll leave!

 Sorry folks.

I'm gonna make a great deal of you mad but reality is reality!

Many are putting forward the idea that Trump will suspend the constitution, declare martial law and continue to serve in office.  Others are just hoping he declares martial law and calls for new elections.

None of that will happen.

No way in hell could it happen!

Additionally some are batting around the idea that the US Military would be called in to remove him from office or perhaps one of the Federal Law Enforcement Agencies.

Again.  That won't happen!

The reality?

Trump will pursue this in the courts.  Attorney General Barr will look around to see if there were any improprieties (he's already said that under the rules of this election it was fair...that's what should be the major talking point...the extended voting!).

He will fail in court.

At the appointed time he will leave office, Biden will become President and the world will keep spinning.

What should you do in your personal life? Follow the line in the movie and get yourself morally, physically and spiritually fit...get your finances in order, get your house in order, get your mindset in orderNow excuse me.  I'm going to get my workout on!

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