Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Land FMF Elements wanted but NOT needed????

I look forward to reading this.  But this little missive kinda explains it all.

I DO NOT recognize the new Marine Corps!  You do realize this means that I was right on all fronts.  The Marine Air-Ground Task Force is dead.  Amphibious Assault is dead.  The new Marine Corps will only have the name in common with that which came before.  Just plain wow.

Side note.  Now do you understand why I say LAR and AAV/ACV is dead?  They have no role to play in the future Marine Corps that Berger and his acolytes are planing.

Side note 1.  The part about the "wanted but not needed".  I thought that applied to the entire Marine Corps!  Apparently it only applies to the ground forces.  The Wing and support to establish forward bases are "necessary"? Quite honestly if this is the thinking then shutter the rest of the Ground Combat Element and be done with it.  Better a quick death than a lingering one.

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