Monday, December 14, 2020

Violence after the inauguration? Yeah...I think so...

 via Washington Post

A Black Lives Matter banner and sign were torn from two historic Black churches in downtown D.C. and destroyed during pro-Trump protests Saturday night.

D.C. police said they are investigating the events as potential hate crimes.

In one of the incidents, videos posted on Twitter show a group of people identified as Proud Boys marching with a Black Lives Matter banner held above their heads, then cheering as it is set on fire while chanting “f--- antifa.”


Question.  Why do these far right groups attack churches?  Because they're soft targets.

This is despicable.


For some reason those that hate always attack places of worship.  The shooter in New Zealand did.  That bastard in South Carolina did.  The list goes on.

But all that is beside the point.

There will be violence after the inauguration because there are groups of people that are activated for this.  The ARIZONA REPUBLICAN PARTY put up an advertisement saying (and I paraphrase) "die for something".  

It's like someone wants to relive the "300"!

2020 was bad. 2021 will be worse UNLESS the new administration can get the economy going like gangbusters.  If they do then people will be too busy rebuilding their lives.  If not then the pissed off will find scapegoats. 

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