Thursday, January 14, 2021

About that DC riot and what SNAFU! Blog is gonna do with it moving forward...


I've been monitoring the conversations on this blog with regard to the DC riot. To say that I've been a bit perplexed, amazed, sometimes surprised and alot disappointed by some of the stances is an understatement.

This thing isn't hard for me.

This isn't a state capitol.


But I'll pause all that.

Despite me knowing that Trump didn't end the republic, that Biden won't end the republic and that sometimes twisted comments on the blog won't end the republic I've decided that we'll pause the madness.

If you guys want to keep it going in the previous blog posts then have at it. If you decide to pollute the open comments with this discussion then I could care less.

Me and my core will move on to other topics UNTIL we get more info.  Oh and trust me on this.  I have it on good authority that the stories that you've heard about what went on inside that building aren't even the half of it...when you hear the real deal it'll make you wonder how the police held that line and kept several congress people from being slaughtered on live TV.

But I digress.

Until we hear more we move on.

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