Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Damn. Lost both Senate seats in GA? I have never seen a movement sabotage itself so effectively!

 Jesus H. Christ.

The Republicans lost both Senate seats in GA?  I have never seen a party/movement sabotage itself so effectively as the Republicans have in that election.

It was a comedy of errors.

The Senate Majority Leader draws a line in sand over stimulus spending?  Refuses to bring up 2K checks?  Right before an election?  Idiot move.  

Trump bangs the drum on a stolen election?  Basically killing any chance of getting his voters to the polls?  Idiot move.

The 2 Republicans running dull, boring and lackluster campaigns when a hardcore populist message was needed during this time of economic distress being felt on both the left and right, WHILE AT THE SAME TIME, not properly addressing the outrage that both sides feel over this crisis because of the actions of MANY LOCAL POLITICIANS that have enacted draconian restrictions? Idiot move.

This should have been a slam dunk.


Stacy Abrams is just not that charismatic a leader to "get out the vote".  Even if she was, the black population is only 29% in state.

This election was lost with White Middle/Middle Upper class voters.

The sad thing?

We won't get another political party.  What we will get is a Republican party in turmoil.

The sadder thing?

The Dems will be going thru the same thing with their ultra left faction.

The worst thing?

2020 sucked. 2021 will be worst.  The empire will retreat from the frontiers while the barbarians (played by the Chinese in this case) will advance.  Not militarily but economically.

The tragedy?

The Chinese fucked up and let this thing escape.  But they are winning right now.

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