Saturday, January 23, 2021

DC Rioters had instructions and locations on law an idea to "Nazi solution" them...


The above is from the Washington Post and is a screen shot of a part of the article describing the rioters, their activity and instructions they received.

Seal them in and turn on the gas?  That was the "Nazi solution" to the so called Jewish problem.

Damn stunning to me.

I don't think they'll get Trump but they're building a beyond solid case for insurrection on the DC rioters.  If the message is true then they had INTENSE inside information, almost real time information on the location of law makers.

If it was a Congress critter feeding it to them then they'll be expelled from Congress if not worse.  If it was from law enforcement then they'll be charged, fired or both.

Either way my prediction was correct.

Those rioters scared powerful people and those that were scared will claim scalps.

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