Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Prediction. In about a month you're gonna see the biggest roundup in US history...

 My prediction.

In about a month.  Well maybe longer than a month, you're gonna see the biggest round up in US history.

I would bet several body parts that analyst are already going over film of this madness in our nation's capitol and they're gonna figure out each and every person that entered that building and then they're gonna send the US Marshal's Violent Crime Task Force after them.

For a bit murders and rapists are gonna get a chance to get a breather.

These people will be hunted down and I'm betting you're gonna see a few "show" arrests.

The federal law enforcement authorities can't allow this to stand.

Biden won't be allowed to let this fade into the background.

The biggest mistake today?

They scared Congress Critters and payback MUST/WILL be had.

The problem?

I fear its gonna start the cycle toward a political Waco, another Ruby Ridge or perhaps even worse.

2020 was bad. 2021 will be worse.

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