Monday, January 18, 2021

Question to my readers. What does your crystal ball predict for this year?


Got a question for ya'll.  What does your crystal ball predict for this year?  We've been tapping at the edges but to hell with it.  Let's get it in. I'll go first.

1.  We're gonna finally see that inflation monster come roaring in. Prices will go up and wages won't keep up with it.  We'll be lucky to avoid the more dreaded DEFLATIONARY cycle.

2.  A massive increase in fuel prices.  I don't even understand that market anymore and I don't believe consumption plays any role in it anymore. Prices will be jacked up and it'll give Biden's green new deal an added push because consumers will be feeling the pinch.  Especially during the heat of summer but more ominously (for those in the cold states) during the winter.

3.  I think that low key regional war in the middle east turn blazing hot.  Iran has been itching to make a move.  So has Israel.  Those two will cross swords in a big way before the EU, US, Russia and China step in and tell them to knock it off.  Of course the various terrorist groups will go crazy.  The EU will probably get hard.

4.  We'll see a couple of mass shootings in the US.  Not the criminal gang stuff that no one really cares about as long as the gangsters kill each other.  No, I'm talking about a maniac going in a killing good people minding their own business.

5.  I expect a real deal assassination attempt against Biden before summer. Some true believer will take a shot at him.  If he gets hit then his health will suffer so greatly (even if he isn't killed) that the VP will have to take over. 

6.  Biden won't make it two years before we have a voluntary or forced resignation.  Party leaders will try and hide him from the public probably starting at the end of 2021 and it'll be obvious to all by the summer of 2022.

That's all I have for now.  I'm sure I'll have more later but forget me.  What do you guys predict?

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