Tuesday, January 26, 2021

The key to ground vehicle modernization? Realizing that not everything needs to be mounted on armored vehicles!

I've been watching the British Army's journey with the Boxer MRV and have been a bit perplexed by all the variants being proposed.

In this era why are they looking at placing gun and even MLRS pods on the thing?

Why are they looking at developing a bridging variant?

I'd even contend that a casualty evacuation/medivac variant is a bridge too far (how did you like that turn of phrase Think Defence?).

Look, I get it.

A family of vehicle (FOV) is all the rage.  I understand the theory.  You get mass and in the case of the Boxer MRV you supposedly get mission modules so you get more bang for your buck (I consider it theoretical savings though....no one has actually done the mission module thing).

Limited budgets mean you need to be smart with your money.  Putting everything on a wheeled IFV is just not smart.  If it can go on a truck then put it on a truck. If its your infantry then used the added armor and mobility that your wheeled IFV gives you.

But don't be fashionable.  Everything doesn't have to go on the same platform for false uniformity. 

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